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01-05-2015 1:04:13 PM EST
the eczema soap and the eczema spes rubbing ointment truely do work.the first week i used the two items i saw a difference.i'm currently on my second month and i hardly see the eczema on me.i must say the eczema soap and the eczema ointment truely do work.i would recommend anyone with eczema to try these items.

Beverly Bolden
01-03-2015 8:16:31 AM EST

Believe it or not i get not only a joy but a kick out of reading these testimonials. What started out as a business has led to a love affair with the healing nature of herbs. As much as my customers speak of these products as blessings i too see the blessings in each one of you. The Khemist

12-31-2014 9:57:30 PM EST
My son has been suffering from eczema since he was a baby. It has never been extremely severe but the itching has caused him to scratch so much that he would end up with blotches of scars on his legs. My sister bought the eczema rub for me to try out and I must say I love it. It has smoothed out his skin so much that I can barely feel the eczema. His scratching has also slowed down and this is in less than a week's time. Beverly's beauty is truly a blessing!

12-31-2014 10:18:39 AM EST
One day in Oct, I was looking for a parking spot and ended up parking right in front of Beverly's table. The energy and smell of her beauty blessings, sent me straight to her table to asked her "what is that smell?" With my love of Natural products, I couldn't walk away empty handed.  I purchased the honey rain soap, petroleum free hair grease and almond body butter.Warning: You will never want to get out the shower lol. I recently purchased the tea tree euchalypus, chocolate,  great green tea soap and the cleavers spes soap and lotion. I been using it for 2 weeks and my face looks amazing😊😊. I love her beauty blessings 😍😍 they really work and I know you will love them too. My experiences with Beverly are always great, she is very professional and I highly recommend all her beauty blessings. Peace and blessings. ✌✌✌

Kimbley   ksterlingr@gmail.com
12-30-2014 11:21:14 PM EST
I tried the Energy body Balm after a shower and it had such a lovely bright citrus scent that I made him take me to where I could get more of this great stuff! The green tea soap and body balm are also wonderful. Beware:your teenagers will use up your soap so never buy just one! Lovely lady, lovely products that I highly recommend.

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