'Soften Your Feet' 

(2oz.& 4oz. Jars pictured)

Petroleum free makes this 3B favorite elite. The handgrounded herbs make it special. Included are marigold flowers,calendula,and apple cider vinegar to soften corns and callouses. If your feet are already soft and smooth; rose petals and patchouli add to perfection. Finally essential oils such as marjarom are added to prevent itching. Thats why this blend softens your feet.


Best use is after a bath or shower, while the pores are open and the skin is naturallly softened. Pat dry. Then massage Soften Your Feet Rub into foot, concentrating on specific areas. Placing on a pair of white absorbent socks. Gradually your feet will be soft as can be.

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Soften Your Feet