THE MEDICINE CABINET which is filled with 'Hope'

While referencing herbal books; I become inspired to formulate blends. 'Spes' means hope. The Medicine Cabinet is full of proven effective herbal remedies.You'll find these products proven effective. 

Eczema Spes Soap*(Anti-Itch Formula)

(5oz.Big Bar Massage shown)

This is streoidal and fragrance free product. The active ingredients include a proprietary blend of herbs including burdock,elderberry,red clover, with marjoram and yellodock (to soothe itching). *Although it's a powerhouse soap to relieve eczema suffering and safe for kids.

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 Directions for Use: wash the effected area rinsing thoroughly after use. It is best if the lather is allowed to sit on skin two minutes before rinsing off. (This allows the herbs to interact with the affected area. Next pat dry. Then apply the Eczema Spes Rub.

1 Bar.$15.00    3 Bars $40.00    6 Bars $70.00

Eczema Spes Soap

*Eczema Spes Rub*(Anti-Itch Formula)


(8oz.Jar Shown)

This ointment accompanies the eczema spes soap for more effective results.

Direction for Use: apply this petroleum-free salve to the effected area. It is highly beneficial to those Eczema sufferers who have severly damaged skin where breakage or 'cracking' has occurred. This Rub provides a dense coating of the effective ingredients and will not evaporate ( lotion will). Excellent for use during the winter months when the skin is more dehydrated and exposed to harsher weather.

      8oz. Jar $30.00

Eczema Spes Rub

3 Big Bar Massage Soaps + 8oz. Jar $60.00($10 savings)

3 Big Bar Massage Soaps + 16oz. Jar $90.00 ($15 savings)

3 Big Bar Massage Bars + 8oz. Jar

The Cleavers Spes Facial Soap*(for Problematic Skin)

Made with a proprietry blend of herbs for problematic facial skin. Excellent for those suffering from acne,pimples,hyperpigmentation and/or blemishes. This blend is also useful for 'marks' obtained  by  nervous 'picking' of the skin. *Fragrance-free made with an olive oil base.

Directions for use: lather face with soap, then wait several minutes. This allows the herbs to 'interact with the skin'. Rinse off and pat dry. Apply Cleavers Lotion.

 (1) 5oz. Big Bar Massage for $15.00   (3) 5oz. Big Bars for $40.00   (6) 5oz. Big Bars for $70.00   

Cleavers Facial Soap for Problematic Skin

Cleavers Spes Facial Lotion*(for Problematic Skin)

(8oz.Bottle shown)

This fragrance free blend has been compared as an herbal alternative to Proactive by many customers who have tried it. Herbs are a better choice. It's with  the proprietary Cleavers Facial Blend of herbs to give hope to individuals with acne,blemishes,hyperpigmentation, and problematic facial skin.

  Directions for Use: Step 1: Wash face with Cleavers Facial Soap for Problematic Skin use a gentle circular motion do not irritate skin. Leave on for 2-3 minutes. Step 2: Pat dry then apply a thin coating of Cleavers Facial Lotion for Problematic Skin. 


Cleavers Facial Lotion for Problematic Skin

Asthma Ease Chest Spes Rub

 This blend is formulated to combat difficult breathing; while simultaneously strengthening the lungs. Herbs in the list of ingredients include elemcampne,comfrey, hyssop,lobelia,and blue cohosh. A proprietary blend of essential oils including eucalyptus,wintergreen,and spearmint also help to support this all natural alternative to steroidal applications.

Directions for use: cleanse chest area then apply a thin layer to skin. Do not use on broken skin.

    4oz.$25.00   8oz.$40.00   1lb.$75.00

Asthma Ease Spes Chest Rub


Diabetic Circulation Spes Rubbing Oil

*(for Neuropathy & Tingling of the Hands & Feet)

(8oz.Bottle Shown))

Made with Olive Oil & a proprietary blend of ground herbs including hyssop,cayenne,witch hazel, and geranium essential oil.

Diabetic Spes Circulation Rubbing Oil Directions for Use: Place an ample amount in palm of hands. Massage vigorously into affected area for approximately two-five minutes. This will also stimulate increased circulation. This product is most effective when used after a warm/hot bath or shower while the pores are still open. 

    8oz.Bottle $20.00

Diabetic Circulation Rubbing Oil

Spes Oil for Pain


This is an anodyne formula. In terms of the wholistic world this means pain relieving. Made with Olive Oil, and a proprietary blend of ground herbs including: adler root,mullein,bittersweet,corn silk,nutmeg and clove essential oils. It too is stored in brown amber bottle to maintain the anodyne properties. 

 Directions for Use: Cleanse effected area preferably by taking a bath or shower. This will open the pores. Next massage oil into the skin. An additional way to increase effectiveness is to place a warm towel on the skin's surface after oil application. *Do not use on broken skin.


Spes Oil for Pain

Psoriasis Spes Soap & Rub

A fragrance free non steroidal proprietary blend made with herbs including: milk thistle,neem,and burdock.

 Directions for Use:Wash effected area with Psoriasis Spes Soap leave on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. This will allow the herbs to interact with the skin. Next apply the Psoriasis Spes Rub.

1 Bar $15.00     3 Bars $40.00 

Psoriasis Spes Rub: A fragrance & petroleum free non steroidal blend made with milk thistle,burdock, &  goldenseal.

Directions for use: Apply generously to affected area after washing with the Psoriasis Spes Soap

8oz. Jar $30.00

3Bar + 8oz.Jar Set $65.00

Psoriasis Soap & Rub