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06-01-2018 2:19:19 AM EST
Aware is Awesome at what she does. All of her products smells Fantastic and have meaning and purpose behind it. For example, I brought the money maker oil and it worked. That weekend along, I amassed 3k. Peace & Prosperity back to My Sister Beverly Aware.

Lavern Jenkins   lavern824@hotmail.com
04-06-2018 1:39:56 PM EST
I've been using Beverly's Almond Shea Butter for years. I love it. Recently I purchased her Mango Moment Butter. This is another winner! I received several compliments on the scent and nice glow on my skin. Thank you Beverly for adding to my collection of Shea Butters. I can't wait to try your Seaweed line of products!

03-01-2018 3:44:29 PM EST
I had bought several items from Beverly. But the one that I did use was the spiritual warfare soap. It SMELLS So GOOD! & it really leaves your skin soft. My friend Luvs it also. He luvs it so much that he took over the soap. I'm looking forward to trying the other products.

DeeDee   Dlipscomb176@gmail.com
07-10-2017 11:10:35 PM EST
Hey Beverly!! It's your Fulton Street celebrity. I am pleased, yet again, with my purchases. I used the hair puddin' to twist my locs...it smells amazing and my hair is in place. The all hail the kale lotion...I am loving. And that oil...THAT OIL, I call it my blessings oil. My hair smells good and my spirit is light.

Diane Williams   Wjovjew@hotmail.com
03-12-2017 12:26:02 PM EST
Shea Butter is good .....But Beverlys Beauty Blessings gets it done! The eczema soap and rub heals the body while destroying the disease. RESULTS that RESTORE HEALTH!

Lynnette Hayes   dinhayes@yahoo.com
01-07-2017 5:18:55 PM EST
Beverly's Blessings Curly Pudding us the best I've used so far. It dies not leave your hair stiff, cakey , greasy or flakey. My hair is still soft to touch. My curls ate well defined but not stiff. And to top it off the hair oil is a great finishing touch and it smells good too...a very satisfied customer

01-05-2017 4:39:22 PM EST
Im loving my body butter, smells wonderful and makes my skin feel great. I like the sensation afterwards. I also just started twisting my hair with the hair pudding and i like that it holds without weighing my hair down, its petroleum free, and smells great! im happy with my purchase!

Felicia Kinscy
10-21-2016 9:51:37 AM EST
Since I received my package two weeks ago, my skin has made a drastic change. My skin is going to be as smooth as a caramel apple by the end of the month. I'm allergic to everything and can't even wear perfumes so your Cleavers Facial treatments are perfect for me. Thanks Bev

T. Cleo. Austin(acupuncturist&massage therapist)   Cleo@tcleoaustin
05-27-2016 1:57:07 PM EST

I absolutely love the curly pudding. As you can see from my picture, the curls are well formed and soft. I was a serious loyal Miss Jessie customer of her curly pudding and merengue....now all i need is your curly pudding. Im soreading the word to all my natural sisters. This product is the truth.

02-23-2016 12:38:08 AM EST
Beverly, I cannot thank you enough. I honestly feel that you are an angel God sent to help me. My hand eczema was out of control - painful, cracking and unresponsive to my steroid cream. God put you in my path and one day after church I stopped at your table and bought the soap you recommended for eczema. I used it right away and it worked better than I could have ever imagined. The pain and dryness subsided from the first use. After every use my eczema cleared up more than it had in months. Weeks later, although I'm not totally free of eczema, my skin feels 1000 percent better and looks much better too. I can't wait to order more of the soap and try out some other products. You truly are a blessing, Ms. Beverly. God bless!

02-17-2016 10:39:00 PM EST
I bought the Cleaver's Lotion and Soap for my mom who had severe dermatitis on her face (around her nose, mouth, and eyes). She has been using Beverly's products for about a week now and there has been a vast improvement. Her skin shows signs of returning to normal. Thank you Beverly for these amazing products!

Sharon St.Clair
01-24-2016 10:24:04 PM EST

Malika Godbolt
01-24-2016 8:46:15 PM EST
It is a blessing to have met Beverly....her seaweed body Butter and soap makes feel like I just left the spa....when I get out the shower my body feels nice and tingly....I suggest you try it for yourself because words can't really describe how awesome her products are...Beverly products is definitely made with 💜

Robin St.Clair   Robin@robinstclair.com
01-24-2016 5:41:26 PM EST
Thanks so much for your amazing products Beverly! I especially love your Oil of Pain. Just one application took the pain away in my knees and lower back. I wear

Dottie McLean   earthwellness360@gmail.com
01-24-2016 3:51:25 PM EST

Beverly I would like to say thank you for the beautiful soaps that you have created. I am addicted to the power of your soaps. The fragrances are so pleasant to the noise that it is aromatherapy for the entire body, mind, and spirit. I'am grateful for all your creations and I look forward to purchasing a lot more than just the soaps.

Beverly Bolden
01-01-2016 6:48:27 AM EST
It's a brand new year everyone. I just want to tell you that you can expect new and exciting things from Beverly's Beauty Blessings as well. The stakes are high and so are my own expectations for the success and national launching of these 'blessings'. May your year be filled with everythinh worthwhile that your heart desires. I wish yoou and your family peace,love,and light. The Khemist

09-29-2015 1:39:51 AM EST

Let me just say...I LOVE my hair oil from Beverly. I walk around smelling my hair without even pulling it to my nose. I can smell it at a distance and it smells grrreat. Can't forget my body oil to match. I'm walking around smelling myself, literally. I can't get enough of how good I smell. Real talk. Thank you so much

Patricia Wilson
09-17-2015 1:51:07 PM EST

Almond Body Butter! It smells Amaaaaaazzzziiiinnngg!!! I wouldn't mind smelling like that for the rest of my life Lol. Not only does it smells AMAZING it feels amazing too. It definitely melts onto your skin like butter just as the product describes and that's what I love. Not only do I smell good but I feel good.

Patricia Wilson
09-17-2015 1:41:32 PM EST

Herbal Hair Grease First off I'd like to say Ms. Beverly is very professional and it was a delight meeting her. My 2yr old daughter has 4C hair(Coily, Coarse & Thick). It used to get supper tangled and dry on daily basis. I've tried products from Carol's Daughter & Dr. Miracle's but it left her hair in the same condition only hours after applying. Once I started using Beveryl's Herbal Grease all of that changed. It softens my daughters hair so much that I no longer have to use a detangling spray. It's light and doesn't cause product build up in my daughter's hair. I use it to braid her hair and when she wears her hair out. It also provides a natural shine and smells absolutely AMAZING. I purchased more for my 6month old nephew and it works GREAT for him as well. Ms. Beverly is very informative and was able to tell me why certain products didn't give me the results I was looking for. I'm VERY satisfied with my purchase.

Beverly Bolden
08-18-2015 4:20:54 PM EST

Greetings, To each of you that has left a customer testimomial I extend my sincere gratitude. I created this page thinking that it would be for potential customers. Instead and in addition you all have taught me 'things' about myself. I have come to appreciate my own level of professionalism and dedication to sincerity through your eyes. It is each o you that inspires me to continue creating these 'blessings'. The Khemist

Cynthia   anieya3@gmail.com
07-27-2015 6:45:31 PM EST

I am in love with the Aloe Vera Infused Body Oil. I love the fragrance, the way it makes my skin and hair feel. When I wear it I get stopped, complimented and asked the what & where. I plan on ordering the Loc Oil soon and other products. Blessings Beverly

07-07-2015 5:48:56 AM EST
A friend introduced me to the Almond Butter and the first thing that struct me was that wonder addictive scent and the whole almond nestled in the creme. Great presentation! The butter has a smooth silky texture when applied to my skin. My famity swarm around me like bees when worn....lol. The Almond Butter has the same effect on my co-workers so much that I keep it hidden. The smell is so alluring and wonderful, there's no need to use additional perfume or fragrance. And my grands love it as well. After their baths I apply a little which goes along way in keeping their skin healthy looking and soft. I purchased a second jar and Beverly did an exquisite job by including a sample of her hair products. I wear my hair in locs and I love natural haircare products. So I can't wait to use it. Beverly thank you once again for developing a quality product. Dawn

07-06-2015 11:33:55 AM EST
I love Beverly's products. I use the almond premium butter on a scar as well as my skin and hair. I love the smell of this product and have noticed a good amount of improvement in the appearance of my scar which was caused by a burn. Thanks Beverly!

06-16-2015 9:33:44 PM EST

I am please with Beverly's Hair Products. I lost my hair after menopause & kept my hair cut for many years. I starter using Beverly's Hair Products 3 month ago, my edges are growing plus my hair feels stronger. Thanks Beverly

05-29-2015 11:29:39 AM EST
I love these products. I love the way they smell and the way they make my skin feel. I found that when I shave my legs and then use the Green Tea Body Butter, my legs are soft and glowing not shiny and greasy looking. The Blessing oil is my other go to item. I have severe seasonal allergies and I can not wear perfume during the high pollen times. The gentle fragrance of the Blessing oil is uplifting and does not cause and discomfort associated with my allergies like other oils and perfumes I have tried in the past.

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