(2oz.Hair Oil,4oz.Hairgrease,4oz.Hair Pudding,8oz.Shampoo,8oz.Conditioner Pictured:Click to enlarge)

  'It Do Grow' Herbal Haircare System

Each of the products listed above is formulated with a proprietary blend of handground herbs. This haircare system includes rosemary, nettle, horsetail, jabarandi(indian hemp) & sage. They are further enriched with pure carrier & essential oils.
It Do Grow Total Set Basket
1(2oz.)Herbal Hair Oil,1(4oz.)Petroleum-Free Hairgrease,1(4oz.)Hair Pudding,
1(4oz.) Shampoo,1(4oz.)Conditioner


Herbal Shampoo/Conditioner

The 'It Do Grow' Shampoo provides a rich lather. It cleanses the hair with stripping it of it's natural oils. The addition of the proprietary blend of herbs & essential oils added a nourishing effect to the hair follicle and sclalp as well.

   8oz.Bottle $35.00

The 'It Do Grow' Conditioner provides a rich penetrating finish after using the shampoo. This house blend incorporates the proprietary blend of herb,essential oils, buttermilk,yogurt,and egg yolk powders. Customers comment that it leaves the hair soft.

   8oz.Bottle $35.00

Shampoo/Conditioner Combination Set

4oz.Bottles $65.00



Superior Hair Oil 

Following the shampoo and conditioner are several options. This hair oil is the best selling 'It Do Grow' product. It hydrates dry hair, stimulates the growth of 'edges',  and thickens thinning areas. Over 95% of the customers rave about how good it smells too.

2.5oz.Bottle $20.00     4oz.Bottle $35.00     8oz.Bottle $65.00  

Herbal Hair Oil


Petroleum-Free Hairgrease

This herbal hairgrease is petroleum free. It is also vegan so there is no beeswax at all in it's list of ingredients. It includes natural oils and butters such as soy,carnuba, and a proprietary carrier oil blend with no beeswax. It is light and will not clog your hair follicles. This haircare product will strengthen, soften, and condition while leaving a sheen to the hair. *It is an excellent product for children.

4oz.$12.00  8oz. Jar $20.00     

Petroleum-Free Hairgrease


Hair Yogurt

This hair pudding will leave your hair held in place without hardening or leaving 'build-up'. Because it has an abundance of herbs included; your hair is held in place while being conditioned too. Use this product to twist locs, for double strand twist, to add texture to braided, to hold double strand twist, and to to hold naturally curly/wavy hair patterns in place.

4oz.$12.00   8oz.$20.00  

Hair Pudding