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Beverlys Beauty Blessings


'It Do Grow' Herbal Beard Oil

4oz. & 8oz. Bottles Shown 

Several male customers approached me saying,"Beverly Iv'e been using the herbal hair oil that my wife purchased on my beard." "I like the way it feels but could you make it in a more masculine scent?" So I formulated this oil as such. It includes the 'It Do Grow' proprietary blend of herbs. Rosemary,horsetail,sage, strengthen and condition the beard. Neem,moringa and other natural herbal ingredients nourish the skin. This oil can be applied to the hair as well. All basking in a rich manly scent.

2oz.$25.00   4oz.$50.00   8oz.$100.00

'It Do Grow' Herbal Beard Oil