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Beverlys Beauty Blessings



*Spiritual Warfare 101, Soul of Seaweed  &  Champagne Campaign Big Bar Massage Shown

Beverly's Beauty Blessings soaps are infused with natural ingrdeients. Each blend is made with castile, or goat's milk, then infused with shea butter,moringa,neem,black seed oil; plus specific ingredients listed below. 


Aloe Vera n' Almond: Aloe Vera Pulp and ground Almonds combine becoming a

crowd favorite.

*NEW: Ltd.Champagne Campaign **(5oz. Big Bar Massage): made with Moscato pure indulgence.

Great Green Tea: Silkened green tea powder provides a mild soothing experience.

Energy: Citrus fruits(lemon,lime,and orange); and Essential Oils will wake you up!

Lavender Love: Made with lavender flowers,essential oil, and fragrance.

The Soul of Seaweed: Nori and Kelp Seaweed with Wasabi make for a pungent refreshing blend.

**Spiritual Warfare 101 **(5oz. Big Bar Massage): Frakincense, Myrrh, Hyssop, Lemon, Dragon's Blood, Balm of Gilead, Cinnamon, Sage, & Palo Santo make this powerful blend.

The Sweet Smell of Success: A sweet smelling old time favorite with a following of its own.

The Truth: A special proprietary blend which makes a clean herbal aroma.

White Amber **(5oz. Big Bar Massage): Pure Amber resin is an ancient resin. This makes for seductively sensuous aroma.

Type in desired fragrances

5oz. Big Bar Massage Soaps:

 Champagne Campaign, Spiritual Warfare 101, White Amber

5oz. Big Bar Massage:

(1) 50z. Big Bar Massage $15.00   (3) 5oz. Big Bar Massage $40.00

  (6) 5oz.Big Bar Massage    

Champagne Campaign
5oz. Big Bar Fragrnaces