(Almomd is Elite & Green Tea 4oz. & 8oz. Jars Shown)

These butters combine moisturizing with a rich luxurious feel

Almond: a sweet alluring fragrance made with finely ground almonds and brown turbinado sugar.

Energy: a great pick-me-upper made with lemon, lime, ginger zest and essential oils.

Green Tea: an excellent anti-oxidant made with silk green tea powder. 

Lemonade: made with ground lemon zest and a custom blend of fragrances.

Purple Rain: this sophisticated floral/musk scent says 'Excellent' and 'One Love'.

Red Velvet Vixen: This new product is Vegan & Edible. Made with Moscato and Milk Chocolate to satisfy your delight.

Seaweed is Supreme: made with fresh Nori and Kelp powder.

The Sweet Smell of Success: made with moringa sugar and neem

Sheer Perfected Body Butter
Sheer Perfected Body Butter Fragrances
Lemonade Body Butter
Purple Rain Body Butter