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Beverlys Beauty Blessings

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'Wholistic Chic'

Body Oils

 These oil blends will leave your body feeling moisturized and healthy without a 'greasy' feel. Each imcludes ground herbs such as moringa,neeem, and comfrey root. Your skin will be conditioned with beneficial ingredients.


( 4oz. Bottle Aloe Vera Elite Shown)

Aloe Vera: made with aloe vera pulp.

Green Tea: made from 'silky' green tea purchased from specialty New York City green tea shop.  

The Truth: a popular favorite oil its has a sweet,herbal,musk smell.

2oz. $20.00   4oz.$35.00

Specialty Infused Oils
Oil Fragrance

MoneyMaker Oil:Thinker's Blend

(2oz.Bottle Shown-click to enlarge image)

There's a difference between a thought and thinking. You can have the thought of making money. But the execution of such requires strategic thinking. This specialty blend is formulated to enhance the entire mental arena. Frakincense(for higher thinking & meditation),ClarySage(for focus & clarity),Nutmeg(for dreams & imagination), Rosemary(for memory), & orange peel(keep money in your hands) combine to make this an excellent anectdote for success. It is suitable for executives,entrepreneurs,students, and anyone who needs to wear a strong thinking cap. 

2oz.Bottle $25.00   4oz.$50.00    8oz.$100.00  

MoneyMaker Oil:Thimker's Blend

  Shea Butter Lotions Coming soon!

These shea butter lotions will leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished. Each blend includes pure shea butter, olive oil, moringa and black seed oil.